Personalised Magical Santa Key Ornament


Unlock Santa's Magic: The Essential Key for Homes Without Chimneys!"

Product Description: "Anticipating Santa's arrival but don't have a chimney? Fear not! Our Santa's Magic Key is the perfect solution for every home. Designed especially for those who've made it to Santa's Nice List, this enchanting key ensures that Santa can effortlessly deliver your gifts, even without a traditional chimney entrance.

Every Christmas Eve, simply hang this magic key outside, and watch as the magic unfolds. Santa will use it to access your home, fill your stockings, and place presents under the Christmas tree. Crafted with love, this key is more than just a tool—it's a cherished holiday keepsake. Ideal for Christmas Eve boxes, it's a tradition your family will treasure for years to come.

Each key comes with a beautifully handcrafted tag made from a rustic 3mm wood base, adding a touch of vintage charm to your festive decor. Personalise it with your children's names or your family name to make it truly special. The sturdy magical metal key is elegantly tied with a red satin ribbon.


  • Tags: 65mm wide x 110mm high
  • Keys: 30mm wide x 85mm high

🎅 Don't miss out on creating a magical Christmas memory! Order your personalised Santa's Magic Key now and ensure a seamless Santa visit this holiday season! 🎄

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