Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding without a wedding cake seems incomplete; if you have a wedding cake, then you need it to be memorable, not only taste-wise but also appearance-wise. You can add layers over layers trying to make it look beautiful, but the cherry on top remains wedding cake toppers.

Love Lottie xoxo brings you personalised wedding cake toppers that you can add to your wedding cakes and make your cake stand-out! From a range of options, you can choose to have anything you want! Be it, a miniature figure of bride and groom cake topper, the bride and groom’s names, the wedding date, or anything else.

personalised wedding cake topper

Acrylic Cake Toppers

One of the most popular options all brides and grooms go for is our custom acrylic cake toppers. Made from food-safe acrylic, we can neatly cut the acrylic into whatever you want! The fantastic thing about it is that it’s light-weight and sturdy, which means placing it on top of your wedding cake will not be a problem at all.

You can choose your custom acrylic cake topper to be of any colour you want, most of our soon to be wedded customers go for shiny golden coloured acrylic cake toppers. To put a little bit of extra magic to it, you can also choose to make it multiple colours or rustic wood. Your custom cake topper can have a cut-out of beautifully calligraphed phrases like ‘happily married’ or ‘just married’ or the bride and groom's names and wedding date. Having a cut out of calligraphy in shining elegant gold gives a unique feel to your wedding cake, and ultimately your wedding.

For one of those couples who would rather go with a cut out of something other than just a phrase, allow us to custom design you anything! You can go for a cute miniature cut-out of bride and groom holding hands in their wedding dress and suit, or simply anything else.

personalised wedding cake topper

Rustic Wood Cake Topper

A custom wood cake topper is made from premium high-quality wood and can be an attractive addition to your wedding cake. It is ideal for a wedding cake, and very easy to stick on top of a cake. It has a natural brown colour, or you can always paint over choosing any colour you want. Most couples go for customized designs when using wood cake topper; it can be a tiny figurine of the bride and groom, or you can go for other options. This includes getting your initials carved, or carving out cute phrases like ‘him & her’ or ‘happily ever after.’

These sophisticated wedding cake toppers not only look beautiful and make your wedding cake appear more elegant, but they also serve other purposes. Wedding cake toppers can also become a souvenir for the couple that they can keep and hang on their room wall. They can serve as a beautiful reminder of the happiest day of their lives. So, hurry up and choose your customized wedding cake toppers of any material and make not only your wedding cake memorable but also your wedding itself!

personalised wedding cake topper

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