Custom Cake Toppers Sydney

Be it a birthday, baptism or wedding; any celebration is incomplete without a celebratory cake. And, any celebratory cake is incomplete without proper decoration and presentation. You can order a custom cake with any decoration, icing, and shapes you want but the real cherry on top remains the cake topper. This is why we are a cake topper company operating in Sydney to bring you the premium quality and visually appealing cake toppers you can find!

Firstly, let us tell you what cake toppers are. They are a decoration piece you stick on top of a cake to not only express your gratitude but also give a purpose to the celebration. Usually, the cake toppers Sydney are made of either food-safe acrylic or rustic wood, both of which are incredibly light and easy to stick on top of a cake.

Ideas for Custom Wedding Cake Toppers Sydney

Most of the popular orders for cake toppers are for either weddings and birthdays. For wedding cake toppers Sydney, there is a range of options one can go for. Simple cut-outs of phrases like ‘Mr & Mrs’, ‘Just Married’ and ‘Forever & Always’ are one of the most common and straightforward ideas; you can order them in any font, style, size, and colour. Small cut-outs of the bride and groom are also in fashion nowadays.

personalised wedding cake topper
Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Toppers Sydney

Most of the wedding cake toppers Sydney that you will see are different cut-outs of objects, animals, and people. For example, you can get a cut-out of a bride and groom inside a heart-shaped or house-shaped cake topper, and also get ‘Just Married’ calligraphed on top.

Wedding Cake Toppers Sydney 

Creative Designs for Birthday Cake Toppers Sydney

Birthday cake toppers Sydney are also trendy and in demand. Whether it’s your 25-years old friend, your five years old son’s or your 70 years old grandmother’s birthday, nobody’s too young or too old for a birthday cake topper. For a child’s birthday, you can go for funky birthday cake topper with their favourite cartoon character’s cut-out, their favourite sport or their favourite toy’s miniature design cut-out.

birthday cake topper
21st Cake Topper Gold Mirror

You can also have their age on top along with the phrase ‘Happy Birthday’ to go all out! For more sophisticated options for your older friends, colleagues or partners, you can go for elegant birthday cake toppers available in Sydney. You can calligraphy a personal message as a birthday cake topper, and make their special day even better.

Birthday Cake Toppers Sydney 

Custom Cake Toppers Sydney

The fantastic part is that we make the best custom cake toppers in Sydney; which means that if you do not find the right design for you in our catalogue, you can come up with your own ideas and get it custom-made just for yourself. For any and every occasion, we can create any design you want to perfection. The options for cake toppers Sydney are limitless, so let your imagination run wild and bring us your crazy ideas so we can turn them into reality.

personalised cake topper
Custom Cake Topper Rose Gold Mirror

The occasion might pass, but the cake toppers serve their purpose beyond that one particular day. You can keep them with you as reminders of the memorable and unique day; so, order today!

Custom Cake Toppers Sydney

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