Custom Tags

Love Lottie xoxo is a cute and quirky new start-up in the world of online crafts and services specialising in all those special moments that make you really want to have as close and personal a touch as possible with! And now with the help of our personal collections of precious and exciting new trinkets, you can!

We specialise in thank you tags for family and corporate events because we know from experience just how valuable these things really are and want to make sure we can help do our part to fill the world with all that close familial love that we all cherish and desire.

Find a huge range of exciting new custom cake toppers, custom wall signs, custom night lights, custom place cards, and many other custom gift ideas.

Make your gift favors stand out with a personalised thank you tag. Add your name, age or personalised message. Also, shop our range of dessert table signage and custom backdrop names.

Love Lottie xoxo offers free shipping Australia wide to make sure everyone reading this can get all the custom lights, signs, wedding cake toppers, wall signs and every other great thing delivered in the fastest time possible.

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