Bride to Be Cake Toppers

Bride to be cake topper

Getting married brings the utmost happiness to some people, and all the celebrations that come before the actual wedding are of equal significance. Be it bridal showers or wedding parties; they are incomplete without a cake. We spend hours deciding the flavour and design of the cake and forget what is probably the most vital part of the cake’s appearance: cake toppers. A Bride to Be cake topper is an excellent way of grasping everyone’s attention not only your cake but also the party itself. But now you’re probably wondering, ‘where am I going to get an elegant bride to be cake topper exactly the way I want?’ Well, we’re here to help you with that!

bride to be cake topper
Bride to Be Cake Topper

Designs and Ideas for Your Cake Topper

We understand the happiness and anticipation you feel before getting married, which is why our most common designs for bride to be cake toppers are cut-out phrases like ‘soon to be married’, ‘bride to be’, or ‘happily engaged’. If you want a more personalised cake topper, you can also add yours and your partner’s name next to the phrases. You can also have little diamond ring cut-outs next to the phrases, or just a simple diamond ring cut-out as a cake topper.

However, calligraphy is relatively popular amongst soon to be brides. There are various fonts you can go for, out of which cursive is the most recommended one. Your engaged cake topper has to stand out from the rest of the cake; if your cake is white coloured then shiny golden glowing cake topper would look beautiful with it!

bride to be cake topper
Bride to Be Cake Topper

If you’re worried about your cake getting ruined with the cake topper, don’t worry! We make custom acrylic cake toppers and custom wood cake toppers made out of food-safe acrylic and rustic wood which are lightweight. They are also very easy to place on top of the cake lightly.

Calligraphy is usually carved out of acrylic, while rustic wood is used for other designs. You can also attach your cute couple polaroid on the cake topper and have our custom acrylic cake topper say ‘bride to be’ or ‘Mr & Mrs’. Most couples also go for miniatures on the engaged cake toppers. If you cannot find the right design for your cake in our suggestions, don’t worry. Bring us your ideas and let us turn them into an absolute reality! At Love Lottie xoxo, we give preference to our customer’s ideas and suggestions, and we aim to cater to you entirely. We want to make this experience the best one of your life and make the occasion memorable and unique for you. So, message us on our page today and get your custom cake toppers!

Love Lottie xoxo is an Australian based start-up which specialises in arts and crafts services to make your special occasions even more special! We create unique personalised cake toppers and much more like custom wall signs, custom wedding place cards and custom night light for kids. Our custom creations include cake toppers for Weddings, Graduation, Christmas, Birthdays, Engagements, Baby Showers, Christenings, Holy Communion and more.

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