Birthday Cake Toppers

Birthday Cake Toppers

Whenever someone mentions birthdays, the birthday cake is the first thing that comes to mind. It is the highlight of every birthday and eventually becomes the center of attention. While you can order any cake you want with any design, you can make your birthday cake even better with the help of birthday cake toppers. Whether you're turning 30 or 60, you can never be too old for birthday cake toppers. At Love Lottie xoxo we bring you custom cake toppers that can be sophisticated, or even a little crazy if you're celebrating your sweet 16th or your child's first birthday. The choice is entirely yours!

While Love Lottie xoxo has several designs you could go for, we also create custom cake toppers based on precisely what you want. Our team of skilled creative staff equipped with arts and crafts skills will cater to your every single need and make sure the design turns out to be what you specifically want.

thirty cake topper
Thirty Rose Gold Cake Topper


If you're celebrating your child's first birthday, you can order a cake topper spelling out 'our baby turns one', or you can get it customized according to your child's name. We can also cut-out cute little animals, shapes, and objects along with the phrase to make the cake topper look cuter. Does your son like cars? Don't worry! Let us cut-out the shape of a sports car into a cake topper and make your son's birthday the most memorable one for him. Does your daughter like princesses? Allow us to design a cake topper extra magical and royal just for her!

personalised birthday cake topper
Personalised Birthday Cake Topper

Now, you're probably wondering all of this is kids' stuff. What's in it for you? Well, Love Lottie xoxo designs birthday cake toppers for everyone, which means we not only design them for children, we can also create elegant 21st cake toppers, 30th cake toppers, and even 60th cake toppers. For adults, we mostly go for a shiny golden colour without glitter to make it more sophisticated. However, you have the option to choose your own colour because at Love Lottie xoxo we cater to our clients' every need because they are our top priority!

All of our custom cake toppers, including birthday cake toppers, are made from either food-safe acrylic or premium quality rustic wood. Both of which easily stick on cakes and do not ruin them because of their lightweight. Most of the phrase cut-outs are custom acrylic cake toppers, and you will everyone using this material. We use custom wood cake toppers for designing and creating miniatures. We also give our customers the liberty to choose whichever material they want us to use for their custom birthday cake toppers.

birthday cake topper
Twenty One Birthday Cake Topper

Birthday cake toppers will make your birthday, or your loved one's birthday unique and memorable. Here, at Love Lottie xoxo, we aim to bring loved ones even closer and build stronger relationships. So, order your custom birthday cake topper today through our website and let us make your day extra magical!

Love Lottie xoxo is an Australian based start-up which specialises in arts and crafts services to make your special occasions even more special! We create unique personalised cake toppers and much more like custom wall signscustom wedding place cards and custom night light for kids. Our custom creations include cake toppers for WeddingsGraduationChristmasBirthdaysEngagementsBaby ShowersChristeningsHoly Communion and more.