Baby Shower Cake Toppers

Cake Topper for Baby Shower

One of the biggest and greatest happiness and blessings in one's life can be having a baby. The anticipation is exciting and a beautiful journey that can be expressed through a baby shower. Be it solely for celebration or gender reveal; having a baby shower cake is a special part of the occasion. Now, you can make the baby shower cake and the baby shower itself more special by adding a baby shower cake topper. If you're wondering where you'll find a good cake topper for baby shower, worry not! Love Lottie xoxo is here to help you.

At Love Lottie xoxo we specialise in making your special events extra magical with the help of our creative team and their arts and crafts skills.  We provide a range of options for baby shower cake toppers, and we also take personalised orders. This means, if you do not find anything from our list of options, you can always bring your design, and we will make it for you!

baby shower cake topper
Ready to Pop Cake Topper in Gold Mirror

Designs for Baby Shower Cake Toppers

The most common designs for baby shower cake toppers are phrases, and words cut out and stuck on the cake spelling out the chosen name for the baby. Or, if you're going for the significant gender reveal for your guests, you can have a cut-out of phrases like 'it's a boy' or 'it's a girl' beautifully calligraphed to grasp your guests' attention. Having a cut-out of words is not your only option; you can also go for shapes and cut-outs of cute animals or a baby along with the phrases to make it look more occasion appropriate.

If you do not want to reveal the gender of your baby, do not worry! We also provide gender-neutral options for baby shower cake toppers. You can go for the phrase 'welcome baby' or 'hello baby' in a shiny, rose gold, golden or silver mirror.

For cut-outs, we use either food-safe acrylic or rustic wood to create the cake toppers. Both of these materials are light-weight, which means they can easily stand on the cake without ruining it or adding extra weight to it. You can also choose the colour you want for your baby shower cake topper, the most popular options for boys are sky blue, and for girls, it's baby pink or lilac.

Baby shower cake toppers are not just decoration pieces that only serve the purpose of decorating your baby shower cake. They are a life-long souvenir that you can also keep as a reminder of the beautiful occasion and blessing. Later, you can hang the elegant baby shower cake topper in your baby's room or your room. Contact us on our website, and allow Love Lottie xoxo to not only make your baby shower magical, but also help you have a memorable day not just for you, but for your guests as well.

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