Baptism Christening Cake Toppers

Baptism Christening Cake Toppers

For any Christian, baptism is probably one of the most significant events of their lives. It is the beginning of your blessed life, a way to commence a life lead with goodness and purity. We celebrate this significant event with our loved ones in different ways, and having a cake is for yourself, and your guests are one of them. But what could separate this blessed cake from any other cake? The answer is cake toppers! You can have a custom made christening cake topper to celebrate this holy communion.

What is a Cake Topper?

You’re probably thinking, what really is a cake topper? They are a piece of decoration that you place on top of your cake that expresses the purpose of the cake and makes it look appealing. While you can choose the material yourself if you’d like, food-safe acrylic and premium rustic wood are the two most common materials used to make the cake toppers. Since they are light-weight, it is effortless to place them on top of the cake without ruining the cake itself. For calligraphy and simpler designs, the acrylic material is the best. However, for shapes and more detailed designs, we suggest rustic wood. You can also attach other things like pictures like on the rustic wood christening cake topper.

Custom Gold Bless Cake Topper

Christening Cake Toppers

Cake toppers for baptism have a variety of designs and ideas present online and in retail stores. The popular ones that everyone goes for are simple baptism christening cake toppers that have beautiful calligraphy spelling out phrases like ‘God bless’. You can also choose to add the person’s name next to or before the phrases and add a cut-out of the Cross next to it. Cut-outs of birds are also very common on christening cake toppers, especially doves beautifully cut out of white acrylic.

Ideas for God Bless Cake Toppers

God bless cake toppers never go out style, and there are various ways you can make it unique enough for it to stand out in the baptism hall! For starters, choosing the right colour is very important. For white coloured cakes, gold or silver is the best combination you can go for. It catches your attention and looks incredibly elegant. A lot of people also choose to add the date of the baptism on the cake topper along with the name and the word baptism. If you don’t want to go for the plain cut-outs, you also choose to hang your christening cake topper on two sticks and spell out the phrase on acrylic paper attached by a thread horizontally.

You can also find the design you like and place an order. Christening cake toppers are not just for the occasion alone; they also serve their purpose long after the day of the baptism. You can save the god bless cake topper and keep it as a reminder of the blessed day and hang it in your room, or your whoever’s baptism it was. This way, you will remember this day forever.

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